Dedicated Reader Haidz-Up: Possibilitas de Beyond Bogus Bloggus Interruptus


Until now, yours foolie has displayed, even if she does say so herself (which she brazenly does), either great delicacy or an unusual degree of personal prudence in withholding from her (probably anyway massively uninterested) readers the actual name of the cell carrier who has been making her low-income life into a little hell of early collections, extra exactions and cut-off fees, all the while holding over her cringing head their feindish control over her connection to you, her treasured readers…

To keep us live through June, a contributor ponied up money which wasn’t owed, cash on the barrelhead — on their assurance (yet again, yaaaawn) that the account was now paid in full, current, and that no new charges will be accruing beyond the originally contracted amount (um, oops, plus fifteen dollars they didn’t tell us about upfront).

As she has come to expect, this assurance held good until exactly one of their three or four separate billing cycles turned over — after which she is informed that her current bill falls just shy of a full hundred dollars, or over one tenth of her income.

Her response has been to deny all further access to her bank account by this corrupt and usurious business entity — whose name is:



There’s a possibility she’ll remain live online until the first of August, when she’ll have what it takes to initiate a month-to-month agreement (automatic withdrawal: never again) with a new carrier.

There’s a somewhat better possibility she won’t.

If the ax falls, it will be suddenly and without warning. This poet won’t get the chance to say, “Been edged out by the corporate behemoth — but, not to worry — back in not-very-long-at-all!”


This is that.

Till then, we’ll be carrying on pretty much as poets always have: no idea where dinner’s coming from, if it even does — but here’s two dollars now to go to the cafe, where the world may be seen and inspiration gained for all manner of new works!

One way or another, see you guys soon.

Mwa. Mwa, mwaaaa.


The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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