Complimentary Truth

***** Although it might seem that weOn some subjects disagreeIn between myself and you,To the unexamined view I a diff'rent focus claimInclusiveness is its first name ~From its perspective I can seeThat, basically, we agree You tend to point out one side, andMyself, upon the other hand,Observes complimentary truthWhich balances ~ but not, forsooth, Denies, … Continue reading Complimentary Truth

Every One a Healer Be

***** A shamanic'lly trained earSensitive is to every beatWe aimlessly broadcast and hearAt our tranquility which eat None of them intrinsic'llyNegative or positiveEach one hath specific'llyUnique effect on how we live The cerebral classicalAlong a rhythm lilting sweetBy formulae math'maticalDoth our base passions meet And lift them up our minds towardThat list'ners may partakeOf notes … Continue reading Every One a Healer Be