Astral Predator


You didn’t learn the last time
You sent bad energy
To inoffensive, loving, honest
And hardworking me

And found that in your own life
Ordered by negative art
Things began to show
A tendency to fall apart?

I know it for a fact
Regret you felt, remorse you knew
But moments that it lasted
Prove now to have been too few

I’d hoped the next time I would hear
Psychic’lly from you
There would be indications
You’d come a higher level to

In which a brother’s or a sister’s
Painstakingly won success
Is something you with sympathy
And real congratulations bless

Without crabbily wishing
When you’re again alone
That that success rather than theirs
Instead had been your own

But now I catch your too-familiar
Quite distinctive vibe
Tells me you still don’t understand
The concept of supportive tribe

But in the petty darkness
Of self-centered jealousy
Allow yourself to meditate
On misery for me

It’s not my business if you choose
Upon the backs of women rise
Who come from the experience
Depleted but made wise

I already fell for those
Protestations of
Carefully metaphorical
Inspecific “love”

And bet I can think of another
Feminine writer or two
Who’s come and gone away again
After being bled by you

Now, there’s a way resolve this to
Yes there is, you bet:
Find a way to forget about
Me and I’ll do the same for you

I really would advise it
Because if I feel again
Your entangled energy
I’ll point to it and then

Paint a detailed picture
Of what you became —
Won’t have any scruples
About publishing your name


The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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