Awesome Reader Family Update: Email to a Friend


Damn stalker got himself a homeless ride and has been pursuing me, first to Fort Bragg, then Ukiah and now Sacramento where I have come to shake them.

They have me hacked and are triangulating my location by my phone, so am staying offline and moving always.

Since they’ve been filing false police complaints at every stop, I really need to move forward as soon as funds permit, so let me know in the event that fundraiser ever occurs.

Because of the hacking you’ll need an alternate method of contact in case you don’t hear back by email — that’s by mail at…

Send good thoughts.

Much love, Ana


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13 thoughts on “Awesome Reader Family Update: Email to a Friend

  1. Thankyou Ana. He can only help by standing by and with me, and that, he does. I am so glad our prayers are acceptable to you. I had a sense of you being very close to us on Wednesday. Almost as if we could reach out and touch you. We +are. Stay safe Ana, if you can 💕

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    1. Oh, your energy keeps coming through, strong. Still okay, still on the move, be in touch as I can on this plane — might be a few days now — but I never stop sending blessings and thanks 😚❤️💕

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      1. Bless you Ana. I was thinking about you so much of yesterday. My vicar friend came to see me, and I told him about you and what was happening to you. He felt the same as me – sad forcwhat is happening to you bur, like me, he saw that you are a very strong person. We said a prayer for you, a d we are bith going to keep you in mind. I told my vicar friend that if they DO get to you and if you do get locked up, that I hoped God, or whatever Source you like to think of, has a BIG key to let you out again. He is like me – he accepts any jund of faith that does good and has love in it and that gets you through. He is not narrowly Christian. That is why Inlike him. But now you have got him on your side as well. We are both rooting for you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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