Don’t Sit There

(Ever wonder what life is really like for that homeless person walking, walking, walking by you?…)


Been walking for miles today?
Feet covered in blisters?
Every muscle aching?
Sunburnt to a crisp?

Whatever you do
Don’t sit down
On that bench
That bench belongs to the bus company
Their next driver will call you in

Don’t sit on that chair, either
That’s owned by the coffee company
Gotta buy, buy, buy
Or get
Lost, lost, lost
Believe me
They didn’t want to
See you anyway

Not the edge
Of that homeowner’s lawn

Nor the grassy strip
Nex to the huge
Foul smelling cars:
Belongs to that
Same homeowner

That abandoned business
(All those abandoned businesses)
Where no one ever goes?
Don’t even sit in the doorway
Security guard’ll be right along

The sidewalk itself
Of course
Is a public thoroughfare
If you sit there
You can be arrested

So don’t sit down
Until you walk two more
To the nearest park

Where some uprighteous passing
Will give you the stink eye
For even existing


Among us, poets are not paid. The poet/editor of this website, being physically disabled, lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level, and currently lives in her vehicle. Become a patron of the fine arts by making a donation at:


5 thoughts on “Don’t Sit There

    1. Well, I have my gypsy cart to sit in now, it protects me from the wind and rain too. Now that I’ve been granted a few days of peace I’m releasing back to my habitual default of delighted gratitude! Hardships there are, but nothing in comparison to what there were not so long ago — and it’s my readers who are responsible for that change. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕🌅

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      1. Oh Ana. What did they do? And I don’t know what a gypsy cart is, but I am SO sorry that you have had such terrible times. How did it all happen Ana? I know in our country it can happen so sudden. Someone loses their job through no fault of their own, then they can’t pay their mortgage or rent, then there is no sociak housinggfor them as we do not have enough here. Next thing, they are living in a tent like you have to. It is illegal to be homeless here and you can get put in clink for it, but usually the police don’t bother to arrest folks. We did have “tent city” in our town cenre, but I think they have been moved on now by the council. I am not sure. I do not know what this world is coming to. But I guess it ever was thus. I am so sorry Ana. I feel so much for you. Csendingcso many hugs,vand love. How do you eat, by thecway? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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