By Dessert 😂


In relation’s happy hour
Likenesses all come to flow’r

By th’ aperitif we know
Better how that team will go

Along, du jour, avec le soup
Determine how it fits the group

With evaluative salad
Double check that it be valid

So that by the antipasto
Onerous it will not grow

Thus no interface need force
When it comes to its main course

Afterward, before the cheese
And fruit appear the palate please

Prior, if we so prefer
To our culminating liqueur

Having listened clearly first
To each others’ best and worst

Small betrayals with will flirt
As each ingest our just dessert


Among us, poets are not paid. The poet/editor of this website, being physically disabled, lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level, and currently lives in her vehicle. Become a patron of the fine arts at:


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