Voice Recording: Tolerance, Schmollerance

(This poet finds an unfortunate conundrum in that type of determined defender of diversity who, afterward, requires that diversity to take one of only a very shortlist of forms.

Pink hair is usually fine, for example. So is grandstanding at press-attended group protest events.

Cheerfully independent intellectual acuity, especially in a woman, and especially when resulting in her unwillingness to mouth rote sloganistic semi-accuracies as rallying cries for the masses, tends not to be nearly so acceptable, nor is solitary protest often honored — be it ever so strenuous, lasting, and excruciatingly painful, and be its constructive results ever so apparent among the communities represented and to which appealed.

It’s time we all begin recognizing the incredible diversity of human contribution, and stop demanding that every striving match our own, costume for costume, mannerism for mannerism, vocabulary for vocabulary, stride for stride)


When you can do what I can do
I’ll become another you…

“Tolerance, Schmollerance” (1:35)



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