Sonnet: Where May I Find My So Long Absent Love?


Where may I find my so long absent love
Whom in the eyes of distant history,
The subject many future sonnets of,
Will closest of all loves be known to be?

Where is that heart consents to reach across
The fearsome barriers which separate
Those who have suffered devastating loss
From those who may stability create?

And where the spirit built to understand
That though death might stand knocking at the door
This word will not be false, this heart, this hand
Given in perfect truth — and not before

Genuine kiss press to the treasured brow:
More than ever before, I need him now

Among us, poets are not paid. The poet/editor of this website, being physically disabled, lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level, and is presently homeless. Become a patron of the fine arts at:

3 thoughts on “Sonnet: Where May I Find My So Long Absent Love?

  1. Loves comes, love goes. Nearly 50% of marriages end in death. A not so fun fact.
    But not what I was thinking. Being as we all share life, we can actually love anyone, there is no such thing as one Soul Mate. We are all soul mates together. It is just our egos that prevent us from seeing this truth. But our spirits know.
    But having said that, some spirits are just not worth loving in some lifetimes. It is not love if it is not equal, or if one harms the other. That usually means addiction. Not a thing to base love on.

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