they can do so much that i cannot


little blades of grass
can turn sunshine
straight into food

no planting
no weeding
no harvesting
no storing
no killing

sure wish i could do that

king penguins
for six months
of every year
in subzero temperatures
without nourishment
balancing one precious egg
on their feet


that little shrimp over there?
sees in thirteen

this whale
has memorized
the sung history
of its species

and that tree?
just look at it
standing seventy five feet tall
without a wobble…

if somebody around here
really has given
myself and my kind

well first i think

i’d better
a little respect

The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level, and is presently homeless. Contributions may be made at:

9 thoughts on “they can do so much that i cannot

  1. I read your poem on Judie”s website, and followed her link to here. I do not know what you had to go through to learn that which you expressed so well above, but it is nice to know that you are alive, and thinking thoughts similar to my own. All life is related, no matter how individual it may seem, not just in space, but also in time, which are strictly human concepts. All living beings have evolved from one living being, a being I call life. To know this is to respect all life, to desire to live in complete harmony with it.
    Unfortunately, as of this moment in time, few people are truly aware. But we exist, and if we spread our love, we will in time become the all.
    In an earlier period of my life, when I was young and brash, I wrote the following lines:
    If one teach two we are thrice as many,
    Patience, till we are the last.
    I have since learned this life, this love, this all-pervading respect cannot be taught, but only modelled in hope others will see what is possible. I know this may sound futile, but to try to teach anyone something they cannot understand on their own is not only futile, but ultimately dangerous and damnable. The world, not just the human world, suffers greatly from people thinking they can teach others to live by their concepts of what life should be like and how it should be lived. No, only each living being knows what is right for itself, and in so knowing learns that it shares that knowledge with all others. I call that responsibility to life.
    I understand you are having difficulty with your living situation, and I wish I could help. Unfortunately I am still a starving poet myself, even in my old age. I have been where you are, and the best I can offer is hope that you will find at least as much comfort as I have found. I am not going to say I am dying, but my life is nearing it’s final stages, however long that might take.
    I have lived in gutters, and hobnobbed with millionaires. I have eaten out of garbage cans, and I have dined on fine foods–truly I prefer the garbage–and I have come to the conclusion where we are at any given time is where we need to be. This does not mean I want to see anyone suffer, go hungry, or sleep rough, but there is consolation in knowing I am the person I am today, because I experienced all these things in my relatively short lifespan, as compared to my lengthy spiritual lifespan. I have known the feelings of despair, and while I am presently living in my own home, I could easily find myself back on the streets. Homelessness is but one moment away at all times, just like death. Neither is permanent. I wish you a well-lived life. And a timely end to your circumstances. It is all I have to offer.
    Namaste, Ana.
    I look forward to reading other posts on your site.

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      1. If and when you do, it is best, I think, to start from my earliest post, but that is not a requirement. I have not been withing much of late, as I have said most of what I originally wanted to say, though much of it could be said better in hindsight. My purpose, however, was not to be popular but just to record my thoughts and learning where it could be discovered by others. I am not out to save the world, but I would like to be able to help change it. Well met, Ana, and we’ll appreciated.
        Do take care, and be safe.

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