In the Style of Elizabeth Barrett Browning: O This be Love

(For an introduction to the series “In the Style Of…” please see our search bar for the immediately prior post entitled, “To All Collegiate Poetry Snobs,” ending with the lines:

“Think my claims are empty boasts?
Just read these next dozen posts“)


O this be love, wherein one single frown
Unkind allusion, or a darkened brow
Bring all the lover’s hopes bring crashing down
Nor any gleam of happiness allow

O this be love, which waits upon a smile
As on the outcome of a worldwide war
For whom one glance may eas’ly reconcile
Any divergence which hath gone before

O this be love, when hell and heaven wait
Upon the pleasure of the best beloved
Who, ransomless, the heart holds confiscate
In iron hand, all softly velvet gloved

Ay this be love: the best, and eke the worst
Of earthly dramas here below rehearst

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