I Represent Justice

(Callus injustice is the same, whether perpetrated on a global or an individual scale.

And it is Time for Justice to prevail.

Simple as that.)


Poet to Landlord:

This is to add to this written record that, forty eight hours after my written request for same, the light and vent in this hallway bathroom have still not been repaired.

In addition, you have acquired the new practice of closing the unvented bathroom tightly after your own use, and leaving the odors for me to find there.

I reaffirm that until the repair is made and I can find, use, and leave the room in safe and sanitary condition, I will be continuing to deposit my solid wastes in sealed, clean plastic bags in the bathroom trash.

This is also written notice that, since your favorite renter has now chosen to slander and defame me in front of our neighbors, all conversations with either of you will be recorded, beginning at the head of our street.

It is, as well, a formal written request that all communications between you and myself be conducted, until further notice, in writing.

That means if I record you attempting to talk to me, you are being recorded in breaking the law


Landlord to Poet:

Leave, move out lady


Poet to Landlord:

I know that you prefer the renter who slams your doors, bangs on your walls, enters other people’s private spaces, handles their belongings, steps into their paths threateningly, screams threats and insults, embarrasses the household in front of the neighbors, and engages in the criminal activities of which I have evidence onsite, rather than the one who does none of those things.

I’m sorry you feel that way.

We’ll talk about it after you have dealt with the health and safety issues onsite of which you have been informed numerous yes without response, other than the comment that you “can’t do anything about how people act,” and I go back to paying rent.

When you came to this country, you agreed to follow its laws.

The law says you cannot now speak to me, hurt or harm me in any way, defame or slander me, or make me go away.

I represent justice.


Landlord to Poet:

And what the law says when a tenet don’t pay rent, or break a contract??


Poet to Landlord:

The rental withholding law says I don’t have to pay rent until you make this site both safe and sanitary.

You yourself have agreed to this withholding, in writing. You cannot un-agree to it now.

In withholding rent, I am not, in the eyes of that law, breaking contract with you: a landlord who is not upholding the responsibilities assigned to him by the same law.

In America, you have to give people a fair chance. Even tenants. Even female, disabled, seemingly defenseless tenants whose rights you were just fine with walking all over for four long months — until your money becomes involved.

It is for people like you that this law is designed.

There’s a word on the street for your kind: “slumlords.”

The kind that are just fine with a tenant’s substandard living conditions, just as long as she keeps paying rent.

Who — for all their smiles and charm — actually care about her not at all.

I’m sorry if you’re not used to that, or if it makes you uncomfortable.

If you want to keep a woman in a cage, go to where they think it’s okay to do that.

If you’re going to be here, learn and follow the law .

Fix. The. Bathroom.


The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:


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