Awesome Reader Family: Patient Persistence


Those of you who are longtime followers of this poet’s works know that an awful lot of patience and persistence has gone into it over the past two and a half years.

There was the year spent living in a tent.

The six month crashing at the Foundation office.

There was the whole month during which, as in the week just past, the poet was unable to access or comment on the works of her fellow writers even once.

You put us over the 100,000 view line that month.

It happened again last December — and you all still clicked us through right past the 200,000 view line.

You’ve prayed and donated and good-wished this poet through weeks without food, past those who thought they had her trapped for various levels and kinds of destruction, and, more than once, up out of the most exhausted despair.

So a couple more days shouldn’t phase you, I guess, then, right?

The WP Help Desk, overwhelmed by both COVID restrictions and a sudden influx of newly philosophical quarantined bloggers, has not yet responded with the assistance required to connect a new device to the mobile app, on which she has made every one of her over 20,000 posts on two sites, composed every one of her presently 2,000 original works, and done all her reading of, and commenting upon, those of her treasured fellow writers.

The old (obsolete, government-issue) device is almost totally non-op, so while she can struggle through a molasses-slow posting once or twice each day on each site, neither its (unreplaceable) battery nor its gravely limited scope of other operations will allow for more.

You’ve seen these sites through much longer periods of no communication than this one is likely to be.

You hang in there, and so will I.

Much love to you all 🤗


The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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