Awesome Reader Family Update


Due to a sudden and mysterious unavailability of WiFi at the home in which this poet rents a room, activities on her two websites will continue in a more limited fashion in the near future:

Postings will be created via the data stream. Using her current configuration of equipment, these will be of the written word only, as voice recordings will be impossible to upload.

Email notifications, by which she is set up to read and comment upon the works of fellow writers, will be unavailable, rendering her temporarily unable to do so.

Likewise, there will be no reply to emails sent to her until the situation is resolved.

Presumably, this new circumstance has something to do with the rent withholding action presently being carried out at this location by the poet, due to aggravated safety concerns onsite.

As WiFi is not a contracted service on her rental agreement, her landlord is indeed free to take any action he pleases with regard to it.

This poet is used to doing without nearly every household amenity anyway, in her ongoing efforts to avoid the threatening and violent fellow roommate whom he refuses to evict.

Of course, if these changes should at any time extend to electrical service, he will at last force the poet to take him to court, where he will, after the numerous and repeated violations of her tenant rights which he has allowed to occur on the property over the past four months, surely lose every penny earmarked for continued payments on this house — which he is, in her view, losing the moral right to own by failing to live up to his responsibilities in its regard.

The poet will be checking in with her readers at least once a day on each site. If that fails to happen, and any of you think to do so, inquiries should be made of both tenant and landlord at 1635 Alder Drive in Fortuna, CA.

Because the poet’s budget is somewhat relieved at this time, should the situation continue beyond the reasonable limit of a few days, it may be possible to bring a personal mobile hotspot here.

Meantime, she may be in for the first bit of a vacation she’s had in well over a year.

Stay tuned, folks — same bat channel…


The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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