Call and Response: Let Go Completely

CALL by Oke Iroegbu’s Thoughts, African Poems, and Stories of Nostalgia:

I had many fights as I grew up. Most times I was the one bullied and had no option but to push back. Then I thought retaliation was the best option. I could match word for word or fist for fist. Thought of forgiveness only came to me when I let it. But each time I remember or see people who I never forgave I feel so heavy and ready to explode with pain.

When I went to seminary college and spent more time with my parents I learned that forgiveness is primary to my internal peace and happiness. Sometimes it’s a tough decision letting go considering how others treat us but if you really love or value yourself, this will be the best thing to do.

Dad and Granny had several theories of forgiveness but all they seemed to conclude was, ‘let the wrongdoer continue, but never copy their style. Never take revenge and don’t forget that people (you trust) may hurt you anytime.’ (God rest their souls).

I noticed life and the way I view things changed for the better when I let things go, when I let people win, without attaching conditions or thoughts that may hurt me later. So I try to create my happiness even in the midst of disappointments, disagreements and pain. I even throw some happiness around because it creates more happiness for me.

So dear friends, are there people, events, or anything who/that seem unforgivable? Remember this: you forgive them for you, not for them. Spread forgiveness, be happy and have peace.


RESPONSE by Timeless Classics:

I will add to your excellent insights, if I may, this contribution of my own:

Until we grow or ascend as a collective species into a more reasonable, more adult, less ignorantly infantile level, those who have chosen to exist by untruth upon the suffering of others will always find the mere presence of truthful virtue to be intolerable.

After fully forgiving them for this misfortune, it is no part of wisdom to forget about it.

Since that person cannot at present control themselves, then, if we ourselves cannot by circumstance avoid their company, we must provide them and everyone involved in the situation with that adult control, which keeps events from becoming completely barbaric and uncivilized — this would truly benefit no one; not us, not them, and not anyone who happens to be in the line of fire.

We can provide this adult control by drawing fair, clear, peaceful and compassionately stated boundaries — and then maintaining them with a consistency which teaches all souls present what it is to be made steady and strong by the truths of love.

Respectful salutations,


The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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