Eternal Springs


So long as we have done our very best
Can tell ourselves we might have passed some test
In self review no evil find confessed
But worked to see chaotic ways redressed
So doing hoping all thereby be blesst
Aiming thus achieve sweet inner rest
In truly universal interest

So long as these things of ourselves we find —
Took much to drive us to aught word unkind
And e’en that in restraint were undertook
But give to all involved a clearer look
To bring sight rather than to make aught blind
Not shattered by our words but merely shook
Away complacent selfish method from
Thereby to clarity allow calm come

Despite all reasons for despair, forsooth
We yet project our so heartfelt request
For a continuation of our quest
On future pathways more serenely smooth
At some angelic or divine behest

Ah! It is said in veritable truth
Hope springs eternal in the human breast


This poet is so poor that she can’t even pay proper attention. The littlest contribution, believe her, will be vastly appreciated —