Endless Fight

(As many of our Awesome Reader Family members already know, this poet has lived in sometimes outrageous conditions in order to have what is needed to continue her literary work, including a full year spent living in a tent. At one point during that year it seemed to her that the even the so-hard-won product was no longer of a quality of sufficient joy to benefit anyone…)


It seems I’ll live outside forever
In the wind and in the weather
So I guess it’s up to me
To find a way to grateful be

I could be without my tent
By any backyard fence unpent
With no way to a bathroom get
I guess I’m not at bottom yet

But at that bottom I have been
Terrified among the mean
Denizens loose on the street
Prey to anyone I meet

And I know how easily
Back there I could helpless be
So I stay outdoors to please
Help to keep domestic peace

Where the household lets me stay
Peacefully out of the way
Of the ordinary play
Of domestic fracas’ sway

Not for me ever again
Effortless rising warmly when
I joyful find myself awake
A simple cup of coffee make

(Just put a robe and burner on
For that prize to be quickly won)
Not for me mirrors, closets or
Leisure bath, dressing before

But every morning instant robe
To block the chill — a forlorn hope
Then after sunrise off they take
Throughout the afternoon to bake

Well, I am not a prison in
Free each morning to begin
This work of reaching out to they
Might benefit from words today

Yet those words now have ceased, I see
To any inspiration be
But little help to any read
Such gloomy compositions heed

Merely a poetic blight
Which can no longer bring delight
I try to focus on the light
And fight this endless, hopeless fight


This poet is so poor that she can’t even pay proper attention. The littlest contribution, believe her, will be vastly appreciated —