So Far

(A few months back, the poet found herself so beset as to be unable to create new works. For that time she published all reprised compositions, along with this one in explanation)


Forgive this poet, readers,
Who so bewildered recent go
Ye have not any single
Newly writ rhyme come to know

Whilst she’s been sliding several
Marginal appointments through
Destined each one in to spend
A longer time unto

Than first had been the planning,
Constantly necessitate
Her full engagement — panic mode,
Yet somehow calmness radiate

Sufficient to forgivingly
Let each sad situation go
In dwind’ling and despairing hope
She might another come to know

Whereby preserve existence
In her increasing frailty
Until the near horizon
Of grand new opportunity

So far, so far, through all the changes
Somehow she indeed has been
Given what sustain her has
Necessary been

And more — in every day there’s been
Some time that she could take
From hustling and hardship
Given long enough a break

Sufficient peacefully that she
Elevation come unto
For purposes of transmitting
Her poetry to you

Those reprises say, “Readers,
I regret the current lack
Of clarity and steadiness
Required for me get back

Original and witty verses
Lightheartedly compose —
You would not wish to follow me
Through the despairing throes

Any sojourner any merely
Human body in
Involve itself must but to live
In original sin

Must grim endure in midst
Such constant great upheaval of
Hoping her lifetime record
A sum total of love

Poured unconditionally, poured
Right honestly full out,
Any self-calculation
Of benefit without

Will be sufficient somehow
To continue carry through
This madly whirring poet
Again to write for you”

They say, “Forget me not
For I’ve not yet completely gone
Please meditate the verses
I’ve already written on

Soon, soon, it may again be hoped
Out of her dread exhaustion come
And look about to find herself
In a real home

And then she promises
She will work hard as any ever do
On any deep endeavor —
Return to write some more for you.”


This poet is so poor that she can’t even pay proper attention. The littlest contribution, believe her, will be vastly appreciated —