Voice Recording: This Heart Hurts

(Clinging as she does to the very fringes of our society’s financial underbelly and dealing, as the super-rational being she is, at close quarters with the notoriously irrational denizens of realms she must inevitably inhabit, this morning is hardly the first time the poet has found herself looking at imminent shortages in food and supplies caused by unexpected and aherrant behaviors on the part of life companions.

At the time of this poem’s writing, several months ago, it appeared likely as well that she might become bereft of the five-inch Android upon which she has conducted all of her online reading and publishing activities during the course of this, now two-year, effort.)


This spirit is
Too sad to speak…

“This Heart Hurts” (0:53)



This poet is so poor that she can’t even pay proper attention. The littlest contribution, believe her, will be vastly appreciated —