Domestic Refugee

(The poet had not, in fact, arrived at that “better land,” and is in fact still on hopes of finding it. Ever.)


Each time communications fail
Plans with landlord to derail
This heart disaster writes — a tome
I fear I am losing my home

Does a stranger walk to me?
I scan for weapons handily
In case they move to block egress
And on my feebleness aggress

Aught companion looks askance
Beleaguered mind leaps on the chance
To scan all might have gone before
Makes them not like me any more

Lonely paths I still avoid
O don’t think me paranoid —
Each of these scenar’ios be
One hath in past happened to me

Help me instead to understand
I have come to a diff’rent land
Where I may shed my excess fright
For people do each other right


This poet is so poor that she can’t even pay proper attention. The littlest contribution, believe her, will be vastly appreciated —