Tell Us a Story!


“Tell us a story!”
Since the dawn of time
Since right after music came
Right before rhyme

When dance was the language
To call the divine
When what’s mine was yours too
And what’s yours was mine —

“We’re gathered about
At end of our day
Comforting flames upon
Our faces play

“Give us some nourishment
For heart and mind
Of galactic mystery
Small selves remind

“Inspire us in harmony
To do our part
Touch us most crucially
Straight in the heart

“Help us see together
How different things
From as they are could be

“By circumstance foreign
Of far lands rehearse —
How they might be better
How they have been worse

“Oh help us discover
Within each the well
Of boundless great resource
With which to do well

“Rewards of so doing
So illustrate
We keep on past wellness
Manifest the great!

“Oh, tell us a story
Comfort the weak
Humble the prideful
Enable the meek

“Assure us again
That we’re not dreaming of
Actual factual
Disint’rested love

“Give us the good fix
Give us the dope
Give us some easement
Give us some hope

“And if you’ve got energy
Leftover after
Before we go home to sleep
A little laughter…”


The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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