Speak Today


If today I trouble borrow
If it all falls down tomorrow
Leaving me with naught but sorrow

Play again historic role
Pay for truth the ancient toll
Nothing precious left me whole

I would ask my deepest mind
If I ought to have been blind
To the callus and unkind

From position of distress
Maybe should have reached for less
Thankful mere survival bless

Hiding timorous my head
Clinging to my cushioned bed
Acquiescing to the dread

Of those hard-won comforts’ loss
Toadying unto the boss
Beliefs on garbage heaps to toss

So to look, and act, and speak
Not one single little squeak
Past uniformity we seek

To protect us from — I wonder —
Could it be from one another
From each sister, from each brother

Lost to preemptive defense?
To this poet makes no sense
Commence by bidding to get hence

All prospective partnership
Possible proactive friendship
Giv’n the automatic slip

Whatever price might have to pay,
I’d go on my suff’ring way
Thankful that I spoke today


The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:


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