Mama Gaia’s Adorable Fledglings (Reprise)


The Terran Hominids are fledging! They’re so adorable when they do that…

Ooh, really? Are you going to see them? I’ll come with you.

And there they are. Aren’t they cute?

Why is it so dim in here?

It’s their stage of development. They can’t handle much Light yet. But that’s about to change. Can you see that one over there — and that one — starting to glow? Won’t be long now before their eyes are fully opened. Then we can turn the photonic beam back up. Till then most of them are pretty much blind and deaf.

Can’t fly yet either, looks like.

Well, technically they can, but they don’t know it yet, so they can’t, hee hee!

Look — is that one trying to… listen?

Yes, she is, you’re right! Watch now — one of our more inspired nursery workers is stepping up to the plate… He’s been studying Hominid communications in-depth. He’ll be using primitive word symbols for their benefit, but broadcasting mind to mind with us as usual — both at the same time! It’s part of his specialty.

Amazing! What’s he going to tell them?

Right now they’re just learning to repeat the Alphabet…

“Ahem, is this thing on? Haha!!”

Um, he’s a little bit of a joker…

Sa-a-a-ay — he’s cute!

“Now, you don’t know this yet, but you are all ascended masters! Yes! Every one of you! We love you so much! And we’re so proud of you! Look at all the growing you’ve done in such a short time! And wait till you see what’s next! We’re all going to have a wonderful time together, and you will be so happy, and be glowing so bright!…”


The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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