Progress Report


For those readers who have been following the development of the Foundation for Poetic Justice, there are now an estimated 1500 cross referenced first tier entries in its index of wisdoms, with another estimated 1000 to go before all items presently in queue are successfully included and we settle down to the remainder of life of the organization in a continuous but hopefully less exhausting primary indexing mode.

At that point, second-tier indexing will commence, the end object of which will hopefully be to make available at a glance to our counselors the works most specific to any inquirer’s personal situation and need.

Once that framework has been set in place it will be time to focus uoon educating the public with regard to the life-altering services we offer.

Estimated time elapsed to the completion of first tier indexing, including works created as well as accessed in the interim, is two months with a further four being dedicated to the index’s second tier, placing development of our public outreach materials about six months in the future, with a realistic potential of gathering momentum in public service at about a year hence.

Along with active creative output and the management of two successful websites, this poet will not be spending that year in idleness!

But she will be spending it very, very happily and gratefully, in her sunny studio, in her ivory tower, by the sparkling silver sea….


The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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