A Little Peace

(Written on the bus to town, posted at the mall!)


Perhaps now that I’ll have a way
To peaceful cook throughout the day
Instead of waiting for the night
Avoiding Maury Povitch fight;

Instead of hauling everything
One must unto the kitchen bring
Eggs and salt and cheese and oil
Twice a night in endless toil

Fielding disappointment when
I’m forced discover yet again
What small regard in this home be
For one another, and for me

No longer must alleviate
Steeply elevated heart rate
I must palliate before
Departing from my own room door

No losing prospect — it’s the din
Which bothers me — ’cause I would win —
Always I’m going trouble to
As for myself, so much for you

I’ll have no further reason
Daily be annoyed
Necessity verbal assault
Perpet’ually avoid

If I do not, for cooking, win
A running stream to rinse things in,
If that sink I will operate
Was not built to accommodate

Objects dimensions dishes of,
There are things here gratefully love:
A locking door myself between
And she to whom remain unseen

Unheard and thusly unprovoked
First falsely smiled, then sharply poked
By one who talks a wond’rous line
Then leaves all those mere words behind

The moment one has taken heed
Minister to her present need,
Lies, crisis, drama — negative —
Will be relief, you may believe;

Good barriers between my soul
And any seek make it less whole
Less tranquil and always afraid
Of next trip on it to be laid

By one who’se qualified to be
Operating profess’ionally
In obfuscation’s service be
Likely — as doth by habit — she

Will tell the others here involved
The problem really had been solved
And the whole kitchen had been
All night (as in the morning) clean

So it condense will down to whom
Trusted the truth is to give room
Alternately, smaller minds
Attention pay the better lines

Manipulative proferred all
Persuasive moments personal —
I’m hoping in this family
Discernment of good Truth there be

In any case, it’s true that this
Month doth a better prospect give
Perhaps I now may aggregate
Twenty percent of my body weight

I lost to life a year ago
Unable to regain the more
Than five so insufficient pound
The loss of which has come around

Immediately after, so
I never can more healthy grow…
I hope this inconvenience,
Extra temporary expense

Will purchase me some good respite
A little domestic delight
Modicum of genuine ease
Dear heaven — just a little peace


The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:


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