Sisterspeak (Reprise)


(For Ellen Hawley at Notes From the U.K.)

We met because she’d posted
An hysterical account
Of excavations hosted
On an ancient Cornish mount
Neath a legendary castle
All of which she roasted
Till the nut was truly done

Her historical knowledge
Exceeded any that
I’d run across in college
Or any secretariat
‘Twas an enormous hassle
All later weary boasted
By which that mound was won

Our first virtual chat
As hist’ry lovers’ will
Ranged far in time and space from that
Damp and windswept hill
Back past civilization
Till we knew not where we were at
Or from where we’d begun

But e’er we had concluded
Our erudite communion
(Please do not be deluded)
Discovered perfect union
On medieval fashion
Of which we’re glad denuded
Trousers are much more fun

It doesn’t matter where
Two sister spirits intersect
E’en in the virtual midair
A planet wide between them spun
They mutual impassion
About the current fashion
For womanhood’s the same, oh, everywhere! xxx

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