Pedigreed Poet (Reprise)


(Not quite housebroken but willing to live outside. Very affectionate. Something of a pound puppy.

Not. A. Prostitute, for either sale or trade. Don’t. Ask.)


Please come to me, my love,
Come find me through this world
So dedicated to its lovelessness
Into which we who love somehow are hurled

Please, do not let discouraging refrain
Of those who have its blessing never known —
Though it were, suffering, held out to them
Cannot for ever long its comfort own

But let it slip away in favor of
Some fear, some personal and petty gain
Some carelessly committed causal word
Some timorous avoidance of the pain

Consigned instead to such as woeful we
The social scapegoats, sacrificial lambs
Who clearly speak the full extent of truth
Only by it innocent selves to damn —

Do not allow that sad assumption of
An universal lovelessness, the which they speak
Preclude the good continuation of
Your journey to’ard this present love you seek

A love which looks at you with eyes of light
Made steady by devoted honesty
Which finds in this whole world no more delight
Than to a smile upon your visage see

One who on any provocation ne’er
To her own deepest heart will be untrue
A person is, likewise, will always be
Under any inducement, true to you

Whose mind will soar with yours unfettered through
The spark’ling billows of the universe
And celebrate our journey on return
In timelessly enduring lyric verse

She falls short of perfection, it is true
In near as many ways as there may be
Perhaps the naysayers are right, and there is no,
In this whole lonely world, safe place for me

But then, perhaps, you’re not so far away
That underneath time’s swiftly slamming sash —
Before the thorns smothering grow around
This sleeping beauty — under it you’ll dash!

But see — the slanted, cooling rays of sun
Give notice of how far we’ve come from noon
And terrifying shadows gather fast
If you are coming, oh, my love, come soon…


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