Peaceful Man (Reprise)


This world frenetic outward be
Pursue inner serenity
Deprived healthy nourishment of
We must give to ourselves that love
To solve all outer woes begin
Procedure is to go within

A peaceful man has not the need
Aught sense of dominance to feed,
Exclusively self serving, sith
He understands that ‘power with’
Works far better than ‘power over’
To have us all rolling in clover

A truth of all-redeeming love:
The military budget of
Our USA, strange to relate,
Could feed, house, clothe and educate
Every single person on
This planet that we live upon

The budgets other nations of
Might be spent on what we love
And all desire to have a part:
Recreation, beauty, art…
Then, monies for the private war
Waged upon poverty before

We found our needs so simply met
Might make things even better get
Researching new technologies
Bringing us all by slow degrees
To desirable rebirth
Of harmony with Mother Earth


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