Peace on the Earth, Goodwill to Men (Reprise)


Often people Christmas hate
And to this I can relate
Too many feel that it depend
For its success on what one spend
Appeasing ever-grasping those
Who erroneously suppose
The value of a gift reflect
What needed nothing to perfect:

Our value in the eyes of they
With whom we go our daily way
Those smiles when we happen to meet
No candy cane could be as sweet
Nor softest fur as fine reward
As conscientious good regard
We know we may routine expect
From those we have learned to respect

No diamond could twinkle bright
As does a fond and happy light
Some special person’s eyes within
Its value couldn’t first begin
With such bright luster to compare —
Talk about precious outerwear!
I cannot but beloved be
When such eyes are following me

I think in houses grand and great
If one remain awake quite late
Until the place were still and quiet
And take the chance when one espy it
Anyone to take aside
Away from friends and foolish pride
And ask them in a still small voice
Whether if they were given choice

They’d opt away from every gift
If one their spirits were to lift
With offer diff’rent gifting of:
Successfully return to love
The kind remembered had and lost
At such an overwhelming cost
It left them so abysmal poor
As ne’er attempt such any more

Or, unto deeper pathos fall,
Were never blessed to know at all —
They might think less mere presents of
If traded for that life of love
Either the kind whose eyes are full
Of just one individual
Or — if more people only knew
The gentle ecstasy accrue

The happy sort of calm it bring
When one’s in love with everything
And everyone in near surround
As in the world it all around
And for good measure, while we be
About it, in the galaxy!
Yes, I think most consent would give
If felt assured they so might live

So let our kindness given be
Each other ‘neath a Christmas tree
Afterward we’ll remember we’re
Supposed to be that way all year
Let bright sweet carols fill the night
For all we listeners’ delight
I love to hear it told again
“Peace on the Earth, goodwill to men!”


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