Humbly Ask (Reprise)


I humbly ask the angels
In this my hour of need
If it truly deserving is
That I am indeed

To, clustering around me,
Hover closely o’er
To go about, behind, beneath
And watchfully before

For I am sore beset
And none, it seems, can aid or know
The terrifying gauntlet
Through which I daily go

But stand upon the sidelines
Even those of family
Expressing their concern over
How comfortable my tormentor be

It’s always been a lonely one
In good and noble sooth
And sometimes full of fear
This dark and dismal path of truth

As it, received among us
In but partiality,
Only for so long, and so far
Any true defender be

And so I ask, in Love’s sweet name
That heav’nly angels bless
The increasing totality
Of my frail helplessness

In face of hatred, face of fear
Face of misunderstanding’s shame
When asked the author of my plight
It is myself that they will name

And this from a defence which
Undertaken for their very sake
Is that of which they presently
Much merriment will make

But I am not alone — this story
Very ancient be
Afore the time of Jesus Christ
Until, here now, to me

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