Unpleasant Little Footnote (For Garry Linn Nelson)


Perhaps upheaval in my life
Hath made a hash of me
Perhaps I’m no one’s treasured wife
Oh, quite oppositely!
Perhaps contend with frequent strife —
But not content to be
An unpleasant little footnote
On the pages of good history…

Records I said one thing aloud
And then another did
Never too careful nor too proud
To keep my true agenda hid
And sang it long, and sang it loud
Till real life found myself amid
Under its stimulus forgot
To do as my good conscience bid

Deserved reciprocator
Of my generosity,
A fine communicator
Evidencing that I be,
Yet after fate delivered her
Wellbeing to me
Mum’s the word, loose lips sink ships
Are my new mottos, see

She gives me information
I put it to the test
It augments my augmented ration
But I don’t think it best
To issue any peroration
By which is confessed
Aught benefit her input by —
I just give it a rest

She might find, in self, value
More than comfort’bly assigned
Condescendingly unto
Her by my own super’ior mind
Perceiving it not one, but two
Ways goes betwixt us — being kind —
I’d rather that posterity
To aught return of hers be blind

Comfortable assuming
That she is unreas’nable
Just as all my other
Tenants, of baloney full
I hope you know who is my father —
She’ll of course ne’er equal
The level of society
Constitutes my people

No, she should grateful be
I deign to notice her at all
No need for an apology
When I neglect even to call
Times I care not dependably
To keep it on the ball
And be where I said I would be
When I said that I would, withall

From her, two hundred monthly rent
Less basic electricity
Plus ‘most another hundred yet
In unspent storage fee
The finest tenant I can get
Maintains my property
I’m just so smart, I must be meant
To rule, I’m sure you will agree

For that — and some four hundred,
For the land it sits on, more —
The sixty year old and disabled
Poet sleeps upon the floor
What nerve that she should be disgruntled
It’s a good forty degrees — more,
Maybe even forty five! —
Much warmer than she was before,
We would assume, all-surely-though

Never suffering from cold
I myself would never know
For longer than it took be told
Back inside some building go
Nor have I ever gotten old
Nor through the ghetto had to go
As allergy through deadly mold

But think myself most generous
Imagine myself just
If I remove the graciousness
And leave for her the dust
Of that dream I created
To enjoy watching it go to bust:
I like when women make a fuss
For violating trust


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