Trash (For Garry Linn Nelson)


You must be my tenant
I look down on you

Your possessions
Happen to be few

My self image suffers
If I don’t see you as less

Than an equal
Or an honored guest

It’s to be expected
You won’t speak

About an ordinary
Little leak

No one pointed out

Just put cat litter
On your floor

Remember to leave it when
The floor gets dry again

To soak up the lake
Next storm will make

Track it everywhere
Over here, over there

Such as you don’t mind
Ugliness, I find

Too ignorant to
Wish beauty to view

Why delight
A troglodyte?

Your home should have the stamp
Of a camp

Nor should I hear about
The heater cutting out

Or that that is why
You can’t get wet things dry

Again, I’ll not be told
About the growth of mold

My reply will be
That you neglectfully

Failed to cope
By leaving all the windows ope

Like happy flow’rs
For hours and hours

Or some such strategy
I say effective be

Maintain it as you love
Winter’s middle of

And lets me off the hook
From taking a look

Trust me when I say a heater
That cuts out on whim is sweeter

Than one that does not
If I could, I’ve had bought

One just like it
To fit

In the other room too
Why should you

Wake up warm
And dry?

If you did
How would I

Make sure you be

How will I be sure

Everyone knows
My life glows

With what I’ve bought
And yours does not?


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