Righted of Wrong


Now that I am in recovery
The long effects of stress begin to see;
For going many months so underweight
Remaining strength alarmingly abate

To make this heart to beat most trippingly
Doth not require exertion very great

For every walk in fear I made before
Each time I girded for potential war
Each time that I had under-rested first
Possessing pennies none to quench my thirst

Each added mile, and added one mile more
Have my ability to walk so much reversed

In coming out of the survival mode
I find it momentary weakness bode
Having put every faculty to test
Responsibility is now to rest

To cease the self to excess effort goad
And respite give that same self gave its best

Each time and every way ’twere called upon
Endure till gen’ral justice might be won
For everyone at any time involved
In any problem which was to be solved

Not naming a solution well begun
Till best, for all, the trouble be resolved

And, now I’ve given all, I grateful see
Around me those who wish of help to be
As willing as was I to give their all
Preventing thus their sister’s further fall

The which I may accept most gratefully
Disinterested as it is withall

So I will rest, and, certes, I will write
I will do all which gives me most delight
Hoping in short to, more than to at long
Become at least as formerly was strong

Regaining rapidly sufficient might
To right rather than be righted of wrong


To my regular readers, a progress report:

In her ongoing effort to obtain the medical certification necessary to open a bank account which allows her to keep contributions, gifts and earnings (at present even a holiday gift wirth more than $20 must be reported and its value removed from future benefits), the poet has now successfully undergone the various contortions required to establish primary health providership in a new county.

Now it remains for her to physically go to the clinic in question which, it being located 40 miles from her, cannot be done before next week. Appointments are being made about a month ahead, putting her with the doctor sometime in January. Records may be ordered for verification purposes, placing receipt of the letter of diagnosis for which — adding six months’ delay via the three cancelled appointments in the urban center from which she has just come — she will have been waiting for about nine months.

After that she can initiate the process to open said account. After that, friends who’ve expressed willingness to create web fundraising will be free to do their thing.

Then we wait.

We see if there’s enough response for her to buy that discount trailer, put it on this little piece of heaven, and know she’s home for good.

Baby steps…


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