Ill Resolved


I’m feeling it’s okay with you
To leave this issue ill resolved
Assumption my shortdoing by
Discrepancies be solved

Perhaps less appreciative
Than I ought to be
For blessings very lately which
Have benefitted me —

By such excess
What’s widely known as
“A good thing” —

Used in the common
Sense it mean
That with survival
Instincts keen

Put other
Interests to bed
And come out, in the end,

While I see the
Advantage flow
Both ways twixt self
And any know

However grand
However great
Incentive to
Less well relate

To everyone
Whate’er their role
Than from a heart
Both true and whole

Same one which we, presented by
This potential moment’s seed
At each step we together took
Afterward agreed

Perceptions prior
Could be seen
Very close
To what had been

As present actions
All intend
To good for every
Foe and friend

My heart that
Intention fit
No, it hasn’t
Changed a whit

I remain
All but dissolved
In love with
Everyone involved

With list’ning ears
Paying keen heed
Unto each spirit’s
Truest need

This I would bring
Clear to your view
If I thought that
More words would do

What too many
Have not —
Depressing thought

So I find I can’t employ
My only skill — that is the word —
Those, you’ve been inundated by
Too many such already heard

I’d glad patiently over go
The individual
Evidences which make
These behaviors reas’nable

As reas’nable as they successful
May or may not be —
Only success will now convince
You of their rationality

And yet, mayhap, not even then
Perhaps unvindicated by
Necessary evidence
For the cause supply

Remember what you know
What you yourself have seen of me
In our own relationship
You, personally

There’s been no lack of gratitude
No lack of reaching back
No unreasonable attitude
Unwarranted attack

No lack the simple and complex
Arts cooperation of
No lack of consideration
Nor yet any lack of love

Even though yourself have
Treated with all fairness been
And much appreciation
From this grateful woman seen

It difficult is also trust
Likewise to others I have been
And, though regretfully I must
Leave explanations now unseen

Yet for some further time,
I’m hoping that their influence
From which I find me powerless
To further my defence

Somehow will fail to compromise
In the looked-for end
Any credibility in the
Eyes of a respected friend…

O if it turns out I was wrong
You haven’t really felt that way
Well, glory, hallujiah
Is all that I can say!


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