Mention of Ascension


From time to time on this site our readers will find reference to an event called the ascension.

This refers to the present and ongoing results of the new quality of light being received by our planet since its recent shift into a new galactic quadrant.

Light can do a lot.

Those in the know have long predicted for us in this period both physical and DNA upgrading, which has indeed been manifesting, just over these last few weeks, in the discovery of very significant and previously undiscovered structures in both — in the physical body, the presence of the largest organ it possesses.

New crystal-based technologies, also predicted, have in that same period become available to us via the field of diamond needle research, potentially impacting every area of life from energy production to medicine.

Geographic and geothermal upheavals are alive, as well, all around the Pacific Rim and elsewhere across the planet, in their hundreds.

All of the texts predictive of these juxtaposed phenomena have been spiritual in nature, and those who find themselves deeply involved with them now on inner levels comprise a cohesive planetary network of meditators, all concentrating on making this shift in a manner as peaceful and constructive for everyone involved as it is possible to be.

Such individuals are commonly referred to amongst themselves as “lightworkers” or “starseed.”

This article contains a very good account of what they’re working for, how they go about it, and how it feels to be involved.

If you find yourself resonating personally, its originating site is a reliable source of information on this subject — as are sites such as Blue Dragon Journal, Rainbow Wave of Light, Lakshmi El Daoud, The Great Awakening and other sites you will find generously reblogged on their own.

Happy Seeking!

Via awakening5dhealing

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