By Only Love


Communication worked?
Don’t tell me!
Peacefulness prevails?
What heav’nly finger,
Pointed downward,
Set its tip
Upon these scales?

How did the just now
Possible become?
Where did this
Shower sweetly on us from?

How did this scribe,
Who surely
No more worthy
Hope to be
Than any poor
Earn respite heavenly?

Oh, sure beyond a doubt
It most certainly be
That to it she hath put
Her every, every energy

Each scrap of understanding
She could find an access to
Every small bit of tolerance
She could lay hand unto

And rigorous
Self honesty
And truth with others too
All carefully
Best of benefit accrue

Not only for herself
But for each creature
Here involved
Attending to
Ways which might be solved

Our mutual conundrum
And a doozie of one, too!
With many tangled lines
Communications of
The kind which hath
No hope of solving
But by, only,

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