In Aware Community (Reprise)

In a community — there are a few
Yet to be found among us, even though
One needs must win the trust of the Old Guard
The whereabouts of any such to know —

A couple found themselves strenuously
At odds the local coffee hangout in
Out in the parking lot their argument
Threaten to be more violent begin

What would we do, our heartless cities in
When faced with such contrary circumstance?
My bet, we nearly all would hasten out
Of path perhaps of harm ourselves to dance

Mistake me not, in our place, in our time
Such action fully appropriate be
‘Tis true at present vibrational rate
Nothing but harm we otherwise would see

Giving no benefit our effort from
By its beneficiary reviled
For midst the callused, desperate and numb
We have regressed far further than the wild

To some corroded place of misery
And primal deprivation where naught but
Revilement ever generate our glee
Or, alternatively, some soft core smut

But this location now of which we speak
And I delight in the sweet writing of
Was one of those — sad — presently so rare
Which had its focus solidly on love

And here is what community can do
Yes, this is how that afternoon transpired —
Needful of not a single word between,
The dozen present instantly conspired

A few gently each one to close surround
Paying appropriate attention to
The pain in which this friend must surely be
And the bewilderment so going through

As they commiserated, moved slightly aside
From one another, so to shortly find
The two combatants now were separate
Without it needful to be aught but kind

Nor left the situation even then
Remained with each as long as it might take
Convince them slowly, patiently unto
Conviction to communication make

On a constructive level, seeking peace
Via an understanding motivation to
That moment in an effort truly know
Of one another’s precious points of view

You may believe me, town boy, or may not
To me it matters nothing either way
I’ll carry with me all throughout my life
The resolution I witnessed that day

For when that couple left the parking lot
Each reached penitently the other of
‘Twas holding hands that couple walked away
A healing and renewal on their love

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