T.M.I. Tag

I understand it’s customary, when someone tags you, to thank them. In this case it’s even in the “Rules, Because There Are Always Rules” (see below).

But in this case, it goes hard to do so.

You see, yours foolie is just establishing a satisfactorily ascerbic arena of exchange between them (although she must say — and so she does — that Bloke Guy has indeed been unusually helpful in this regard). So a heartfelt, genuine, mutually respectful expression of thanks is just going to muck that up and confuse everybody.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, A Guy Called Bloke is nothing short of an excellent blog. You know, the kind that you catch yourself with a little smile on your face while you’re still opening the post, because you just know you’re in for some serious silliness. I mean, I would recommend it to anybody. Go check it out yourself, you’ll see what I’m saying:


But… thank him? I just… Can’t… Make… Myself…


Because there are always rules …
• Acknowledge the person who nominated you
• Answer the questions
• Nominate other bloggers for the tag



Q: Have you ever been in love?

A: With a human, you mean?

Q: What is your favourite drink?

A: “In the”

Q: What is your favourite song?

A: The Music of the Spheres, with angelic paeans coming in a close second.

Q: What is your zodiac sign?

A: I was born under the sign of “Maternity Ward”

Q: What is your favourite show?

A: “And tell”

Q: What is your favourite band?

A: The Band of Angels Band. Have you heard them? Out of this world. Dying to hear them again. Really.

Q: Name something you really miss

A: A Guy Called Bloke’s mind. He doesn’t know enough without it to be looking for it, but, for all our sakes, I am. Let me know if you see it go by, willya?

Q: Where do you go when you are sad?

A: Fly a kite

Q: Have you ever been in a physical fight?

A: One in which I fought back, you mean?

Q: Loud music or soft?


Q: Who is your favourite actor?


Q: Do you have any fears? What are they?

A: I’m a little afraid of what the Bloke’s mind will have been up to by the time I run it down and run it down to it (sic)(sick)…

Q: What is the meaning behind your blog name?

A: Wait, my words are supposed to have meanings??? Ah, ma-a-a-a-a-n…

Q: When was the last time you said you loved someone?

A: Every morning into the ol’ mirror — don’t have to say it again all day!

Q: What was the last book you read?

A: Book… Book… Oh, wait, I remember those. Made of that stuff… What was it called? Peepah, pay-per, something like that…?

Q: What book are you currently reading?

A: Currently I’m reading the book I’m currently writing, which I’m not, any, right now, so, nada.

Q: What was the last sport you played?

A: Horizontal Carom

Q: What was the last song you sang?

A: That would be “My SwanSong,” and it’s still in the future, thank you.

Q: What is your favourite food?

A: G. C. B’s brains — why do you think I’m looking so hard for them? Oh, wait. Did I eat those already?

Q: Name a place you want to visit.

A: Where’s he live, again? Oh, that’s right — he was too smart to tell me (that was before he lost his brain, of course). Well, anywhere but there.

Q: What is your favourite sweet flavours?

A: I have yet to find anything sweeter than own damn self! This poses a problem at better restaurants, at which it is frowned upon to suck on your own elbow while the rest of the table is spooning up Almondine Glacee Jubilee and trying to look as happy about their desert as I always am about mine…

Q: What instruments do you play?

A: Tulips on the Organ

Q: What’s your favourite piece of jewellery?

A: I have a little hinged wooden French gendarme on a string — when you pull his leg, he puts you under arrest.


Now, let’s see…

Who should I put on the spot for this tag, here? I know!

Hahaha, Harotian Essentials, you’re up!



14 thoughts on “T.M.I. Tag

  1. I see you yet again haven’t failed me in my choice of tagging you – totally well done Ana – Tulips on the Organ made me chuckle! but maybe that’s just me … 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

        1. So… Would that be, like, a sort of a contented little chuckle… Or a ‘mwahaha, just wait and see what this gets you’ chuckle,… Or more of a ‘this is a totally ludicrous attempt at organ playing’ chuckle… y’think?… Or do you chuckle reflexively, as with a rooster, crowing every time he knocks one off?…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. LMAO! Subtle .. remember a convo we had only the other day concerning todays morality .. do l chuckle every time l knock one off .. now when you say that, are we experiencing an Anglo-American grammatical confusion here, or …lol? Is this a metaphorical rooster question wink wink winkitty wink or a real rooster crowing as in knocking out or off?

            Liked by 1 person

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