By the Same Token

Hello, dear precious blogger friends…

Having received Humanity Lives On‘s “Token of Humanity” for service to the greater good of All, it is now my privilege to pass that same Token on to some of the writers whose words and thoughts have helped yours foolie grow, know, hang on, and KICK long enough to receive it! 😘

Even though she still can’t figure out how to get an image of it to this page! 🤔

But there is one — along with a beautiful explanation of the Token of Humanity, here at Humanity Lives On:

(While you’re there you’ll probably want to look around and check out all the good work these people are up to!)


If you find yourself on the following list, it means you also have been doing a rather notable job of that same good work — and that for it you are now a receiver of the Token of Humanity yourself, passed to you by a grateful, admiring and appreciative yours foolie.

Simply by scanning the names of these blogs, you will see that you are here in some very good company.

Some of you might not know one another yet.

Please feel free to fraternize amongst yourselves… 😍


A Teacher and Her Desire to Inspire:

Desire to Inspire:

Life Lessons:

Simple Changes:


Dare Boldly:

Mastering Mind, Body and Soul:


The Evolutionary Mind:

Be Like Water:

Naturally Connected:

You Are Awesome:

Inspired Motivation:

Pauline Lakshmi, Starseed Lightarian:

Empowering Women:

Thoughts of Sho:

Damn, Girl, Get Your Shit Together!:

Art of Quotation:

Mindful Posts:

When Women Inspire:

Discovering Your Happiness:

My Life as an Artist:

Be the Change:


Forgiving Connects:

You Are Love Now:


Miracles Each Day:

Emotions of Life:

Fulfill Your Potential:

Better Endings for Your Life Path:


Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine:

Being Yourself:


The Death Project:


Excellent World International Organization:

Harotian Essentials:

Blissful Words:

A Blog, A Magazine, It’s Just Sum Inspiration:

The Self-Help Whisperer:

Brother Murph’s Corner:

The Happy Traveler:

North Liza Lane:

Tokidoki (Nomad):

Betcha Didn’t Know!:

The Shower of Blessings:

When Timber Makes One Still:

The Starseed Highway:

Success Inspirers World:

Scribbled Verse:

Exquisite Life:


Pant, pant, pant…

O. M. G! Look at all that! And I’m thinking right now of folks who should be on that list and aren’t! ‘Cause I’m freakin’ exhausted!

What a community!!!

Aren’t we lucky???…


8 thoughts on “By the Same Token

  1. Over the time that I have been at the Blogosphere, which I think now is two years, if someone were to ask me about my most favorite moment ever since?

    This one right here would be competing for top spot, you have brought me smiles I haven’t had in a while from seeing you pass this token on in an impeccable manner. You are truly kind, special and amazing Human being, not just for doing this but for ever being supportive and blessing the Blogging World’s atmosphere with your talent through your posts.

    Shall be keeping track of them, sending you lots of love on behalf of everyone at the Humanity Lives On team! – Cezane

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  2. Love your enthusiasm 🙂
    Thank you for helping spreading the Token of Humanity and let people now: Humanity Lives On, there are Beautiful Souls out there and nobody needs to feel alone!
    Sending you a big hug, Patty (

    Liked by 1 person

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