The Answer

Some get a vast amusement
Out of classic hippie lore
The kind that think there is no clue
In any insight come before

The very recent annum
Of their own nativity —
I always look for wisdom in
Ancient and recent history

Of all the common sayings
Of fifty years ago
There’s one that makes naysayers
More mirthful than others grow

“Love is the answer” is the one
Which tends to draw their ridicule
They seem to think it written was
By some stupid fool

But truly, if we think about
When last we did experience
That drowsy golden inner glow
Which after loving doth commence

At all truly accurately
We recollect that we were in
No hurry with our neighbors
Any dissonance begin

Their big dog barked more softly
For just that little while
And that their tree some raking caused
Diminished not our smile

Perhaps their music’s louder than
They really ought to play
But you decided you could talk
About it on some other day

Remember? When you didn’t feel
Like waging war on anyone
Nor even about winning
Those already had begun

And all the world seemed covered
With a gentle, hopeful haze
As though its lovely colors had
Intensified under your gaze?

Small notice felt you need to make
Other people’s oddness of
You had the best that life could give
Already — you had love!


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