Splitting the Shares (Reprise)

A study done among us recently
Showed, although counterintuitively
We tend to answer generosity
Much as we would those acting selfishly

Its volunteers were paired up two by two
One freely given ten dollars unto
And asked to share th’amount, in his own view
Appropriate to give the other to

After each one had shared with his own mate
The other pairs would his performance rate
Among themselves consensus to create
Relegating one only to the fate

Of being barred from the following round
Beginning once the reject had been found
Jettisoned from immediate surround
With face undoubtedly turned to’ard the ground

At this, the ancientmost of sentences
Our primitive hominid race possess
Consigned to every sort of dread duress
Nor plea be heard, forever, for redress

Imagine we the selfish surely all
Speedily found themselves taking that fall
Such retribution, on later recall
Nor anyone, nor they themselves apall?

If you imagine so, you are correct
Ungenerosity a grave defect
Acknowledged by most upon whom reflect
Ways to self and society perfect

There was another sort surprised to see
Their brethren in the study all agree
On preference that they no longer be
Associated with the inquiry

This other sort of just as native son
Our social consciousness chooses to shun
Without exception, each and every one
Were those ’twas felt had shared too many funds!

The researchers, disguising their amaze
Inquiry did immediately raise
What sort of influence would act to craze
The judgment to behave in such a daze

As to their finest spirits so belie?
Were even more amazed to find out why
(Which had importance for well meaning I):
They had, quite simply, raised the bar too high

Comfort to permit in spirits near
Each had secret reservations and fear
About the way they afterward appear
To anyone of it happen to hear

So this is how it goes, generous bro
Before you start you really ought to know
Unfriendly will human companions grow
For your self sacrifice, you’ll have to go


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