Literary ladies, gent:
I seem to have a sorry bent
For being unable to prevent
However friendly my intent
The sooner than later descent
Of hominid co-resident
Into hominid precedent

And really, when you think of it
I might have had sufficient wit
My expectations closer fit
That hominid perspective with
To tell the very truth of it
Suspected that I would get bit
I’ve no room* to be in a snit

And that’s why I have moved out here
Domestic vibrations to clear
Hoping there’s a chance that we’re
Destined to stay each other near
For me, a lower grade of fear
Not to in public need appear
Each day, pushing my burden drear

But left in peace this back yard in
Allowed the house to enter in
Morning with coffee to begin
Or when there’s need to bare some skin
Preempting tempers wearing thin
I let the majority win
And left them their unearthly din

Which I may never hope control
Without the backing of the whole
To help me in protective role
Of every there indwelling soul
Attrition now will take its toll
With punches they will have to roll
Afterward each other console

Mystified by unt’ward event
Then seems that they could not prevent
For they remember naught anent
The last hours of the night’s event
By alcohol and substance bent…
I pray obtain to their consent
Remain here in my peaceful tent

Pray too the traffic will not keep
Me very oft away from sleep
And may it be sufficient deep
Creative harvest I may reap
Discipline self that self to keep
From cozy room too much beweep
Though now my path again seem steep,

Though put once more unto the test
At least I know I do my best
At heaven’s ongoing behest
There many are among the rest
Of sad humanity attest
This road seem good, great, better, best
Compared to that on which they’re presst

Though honestly I must relate
That I don’t feel exactly great
My cozy corner abdicate
On a day it precipitate
It won’t exactly decimate
My not-made-of-spun-sugar pate
And, out here — I can concentrate

* Ha! No room! Get it?
** Dear friends, I slept well and woke up smiling

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