I’m Still Right Here

My daughter, I wish you to please
Continue to be at your ease
I but remove to keep the peace

You have the right to live as you
Prefer within your home to do
And likewise my granddaughter too

And I the right to exist free
Of those events which just for me
Have unacceptability

If I can find a corner where
Loud sounds of media despair
Cannot reach me, I should be there

So that I can focus on
The work I’ve always been upon
Though it be sadly too common

A visionary’s family
Finds them unreas’nable to be
Without admirability

Ungrateful, wicked and unkind
Being to their true motivations blind
No matter how explain their mind

I have the right, too, to somewhere
At night drop all the daily care
Of loud companions everywhere

A dozen at a time surround
Drunken and careless of what sound
Disturb the resting souls around

Who being in perpet’ual pain
Cannot get back to sleep again
Making more pain than there had been

Before, and happening more nights than not
Scrambling all attempt at thought
Making the feelings hurt and hot

If to myself I willing keep
It’s just so I can get some sleep
Nothing over which you need weep

After all, I have been near
For more than an entire year
You haven’t sought me out, my dear

To with each other talk about
E’en where you go when you go out
Much less our past to figure out

Unless it’s front of the TV
So silence seems constructive be
And maybe that is all that we

Now truly have between exchange
I’ve always wished that that could change
Heartfelt wishing to explain

The sources of remembered woe
Went not as you had thought they go;
The relief come when you would know

True reasons my actions behind;
So far the focus of your mind
Hath been which of our power bind

The other’s more securely and
When you think you’ve the upper hand
Submission trick to, or demand

With kind of pow’r by such be earned
I am completely unconcerned
Nowhere near “on” this woman’s turned

By bossing anyone about
If of this truth you’re still in doubt
Observe me rather turn my own self out

Which I’ve done sev’ral times before
Yet by it only earning more
Revenge upon what you deplore

This time when all’s done and said
Since I still pay for outdoor bed
You are two hundred bucks ahead

But that is nothing very new
For I have ever given you
First money that my hands came to…

My daughter, you complacent view
Segmenting of the two of you
Into compartments, then one view

Dismaying consequences of
The other’s influence to love
For which you heav’n and Earth have moved

There is a purpose for the other
If you took counsel from your mother
Than separate them you must rather

Use each at its own proper time;
But that’s your life, and this is mine
Immersed, contemplative, sublime

You may choose focus on despair
Of ever getting anywhere
With your unreasonable mere

Or banish that unworthy tear
Refuse false hurt, anger and fear
And notice that I’m still right here

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