First There Must Be Truth


The thing is, you cannot ask people to coexist by having one side bow their heads and rely on a solution that is only good for the other side. What you can do is stop blaming each other and engage in dialogue with one person at a time. Everyone knows that violence begets violence and breeds more hatred. We need to find our way together. I feel I cannot rely on the various spokespersons who claim they act on my behalf. Invariably they have some agenda that doesn’t work for me. Instead, I talk to my patients, to my neighbors and colleagues–Jews, Arabs–and I find out they feel as I do: we are more similar than we are different, and we are all fed up with the violence.

– Izzeldin Abuelaish –


If there is to be reconciliation, first there must be truth.

– Timothy B. Tyson –


my proclamation to you this time
is of faith and trust and courage:
we shall have faith in each other’s
strengths; we shall trust each other
with all our secrets and sacred dreams;
we shall have the courage
to make things whole!

[Final stanza of the poem, “Proclamation.”]

– Joseph Whitson –

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