All One InTent (Reprise)

Funny how
Dimensions be
In their

There’s much more space
Inside this tent
Than at first glance
Seems evident

Christ, Buddha
Muhammed and
Bob Marley all
Right here at hand

Along with
Visionaries from
Diverse religions
Peaceful come

No conflict
Find themselves between
Though fiercely fought
Battles have been

Waged in their names
We humans by
Which harmony
Herein belie

In no single
Feel we the need
To go to war

In any large
Or little way
The selfsame
Set of truths to say!

One stresses that
Another this
But every pathway
Leads to bliss

Of closeness to
The great Divine
No need each other

There’s so much room
Limitless space
In the corona
Of God’s grace

Perhaps this is
Why I was meant
To pass the time
Inside this tent:

From the outside
Just ten by ten
With the whole
Universe within

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