Spock and the Doc

I don’t much like the way that people talk
About first Star Trek gen’s poor Mr. Spock

Although it seems generally agreed
That his solutions weren’t what they might need
They’d posed artificial dichotomy
‘Twixt his mind and the heart, ostensibly
Portrayed an angry doctor righteous by
Who oft a heart in Mr. Spock deny
Though that gentleman argued reas’nably
The doctor’s course much greater suff’ring see

For entertainment’s sake, event’ually
Each crisis did its own denoument see
The program’s watcher wasn’t made to view
The walking those resulting death fields through
As consequences of Doc’s policy

Forgive me my presumption, but for me
This conflict need not rage eternally
There is a place where heart and mind agree
In any situation, any test
There is a path for everyone it’s best
To follow for the good collectively

Which clearly shines out when its seekers be
Looking some other way than greedily
At potential availability
Of some resource they might to themselves bring
Though’t leave another without anything

In that place, where from eyes the shadows lift,
The privilege of helping is a gift
Garnering a much more precious return
Than anything which selfishness might earn

Knowing also that a united all
Than its parts is less likely far to fall
‘Tis but enlightened selfishness to be
Delighted to a brother happy see

I know already the response by rote
Of those who would my theory demote
Fantastic as, unrealistic too
In answer I will only say to you

Our women vote. Our little children go
To school, nor bitter factory work know
Black people attend university
We have abolished legal slavery
Laborers are a weekend guaranteed

Each of these rights but an unlikely seed
At conception of appropriacy
Which everybody can now clearly see
What thought impossible was among us
Is now considered simply obvious
The process unfolds continually
As our species achieves maturity

Just as a helpless baby learns to walk
To smile, to play, to feed, to bathe, to talk
So do we, as our infant race progress
Blind mewling from, to adult consciousness

Which knows that “All for one and one for all”
Is naught but truth, built straight and standing tall
As is the maximum, solid after all
“United stand we, but divided fall!”

No, Mr. Spock was not of heart bereft
Because his mind was agile, bright and deft
If those on his home world had had a chance
To really let their hair come down and dance
And smile a bit more, and perhaps embrace
Less noticeable I’d be in that place
Than this one, for all of its dear delight

You see, McCoy — Sir Spock was goddamn right!

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